Mini Militia versions come with whole new series of stirring features that glued the gamers to their seats. Updating features in every version makes this game the more affable than other shooting games.

Here we see Mini Militia 1st, 2nd, and 3rd version.

mini militia

Mini Militia 1

This is the very new version of Mini Militia and also known as Doodle Army 1. Being the latest one, this version is much quivering than new versions. Using online, this version features to play with 6 players online using the quick play mode.

For multiplayer using a local Wi-Fi hotspot, the version enables the gamers to play with 12 players at a single time slot.

The original version of Mini Militia 1 comes with no mods.

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Mini Militia 2

The updated version of Mini Militia comes with some exciting and amazing features. This version also known as Doodle Army 2 makes the shooting lovers astonish with its new features. This is quite famous for youngsters from the past couple of years because of its unique concepts and amazing graphics.

You can use jetpacks to stay in the air. While the version is also limited to certain features, yet it provides drastic elements to have fun with.

Mini Militia 3

Mini Militia 3 aka Doodle Army 3 is not officially released yet but there are hacks to have it in your device. Realizing the taste of Mini Militia fans, this version comes with all new features that are much exciting than the previous versions.

As not officially released yet, we can hope that this version will surpass all the thrilling levels with exciting features, more dramatic scenes, and more in all sense.

The Last Verdict:

Mini Militia game is fun and frantic and designed around short gaming sessions. If became popular since its launch and now is one of the biggest game to be played. You can have hacks of all mods and start enjoying with its thrilling features.

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