Top 10 Android Games of 2018

Thousands of top games are available for android and each year numerous games have been launched on this platform. Android is becoming the popular source of gaming and most people’s love to play games on this platform. Every other month there are new and best games that are released for the Android which makes it curious for the users to find the top ranked games.The best game of 2018 we have listening about is the clash of clans and its private servers are just outstanding one of the best private server of clash of clans is Clash of Magic. If you are interested to know  more about the best android games for 2018 just read out the article below.

Bid Wids is one of the best android games of 2018. Through Bid Wids you have to Bid on the auctions and try to grab the most effective deals. This is one of the greatest games for crazy bidders because they will love to locate some of the best tragic moments featured in the game. Carcassonne Tiles 7 Tactics is an another of the most interesting game available for the android. Carcssonne Tiles 7 Tactics features a stunning game paly that you shall never wish to ignore. Build up the block and quit using them and then turn over to the great strategy ways. Use your mind to build up the amazing curvatures on the eath by deploying the materials.

Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter is also one of the most interesting android games. Run to live and fight to win is the simple motto of this game. In this game you have to use the amazing skills of your character and then fight with your enemies. The games is full of amazing tactics and turnovers.

Another of the amazing android game is Metal Wings that allows you to play as a soldier and use the strategies and mechanics to beat down your enemies. Pocket Legends Adventure allows you to control the character that you have, you can also change to any character and then run over the path to kill the obstructions. Another of the best android games of 2018 are Sniper Strike, Saiyan Dragon Goku Fighter Z, Jump Drive, Captain Tsubasu Dream Team and the sims mobile.

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